Congress organization

Vitamin Events provides all the essential services at each stage of your project and insures you a successful event.

Sector specialists here to help you.

Vitamin Events offers a full suite of services to help you prepare, organize and communicate around your project.

If you have questions related to any aspect of your event organization, whether it is legal or administrative, our team is here to help. We can support you in all your project stages including feasibility studies, partnerships management, registrations, marketing and communication as well as abstracts submission.

Our services


Global Coordination

  • Project management

    • Needs analysis
    • Feasibility study
    • Budget analysis
    • Candidature for the organisation
    • Grant application
    • Scheduling
  • Events coordination

    • Committee meetings
    • Specifiations
    • Negociation with services providers
    • Search for places
    • Coordination of logistics
    • Budget monitoring
  • Administrative management

    • Dedicated bank account
    • Financial, banking and accounting follow-up
    • Invoicing, invoices payment and supplier reminders
    • Balance sheet

Participants management

  • Registrations

    • Configuration of the registration platform
    • Secretariat
    • Invoicing and payment tracking
    • Hotel management
    • Survey
  • Invited participants secretariat

    • Personalized contact support
    • Administrative, hotel and transportation management
    • Scientific Program Update
    • Reimbursement of fees
  • On-site management

    • Reception organization (listings edition, supplies, signage…)
    • Hostess teams management
    • On-site registration and billing
    • Badges, bags and certificates of attendance delivery
  • Follow-up and conference assessment

    • Statistical analysis
    • Conference appraisal (registrations numbers, profiles, revenue…)
    • Unpaid dunning notices

Abstracts & secretariat

    • Needs analysis
    • Abstracts platform
    • Hotline
    • Abstract book
    • Exhibition…

Marketing & Communication

  • Communication

    • Visual identity
    • Communications materials
    • Program & abstract book
    • Prints
    • Website
    • Dynamic program
    • Mobile app
  • Marketing

    • Social networks
    • Emailing campaigns
    • Press
    • Goodies
Offre congrès virtuel

Virtual event

    • Help  to choose adapted format
    • Provide assistance to speakers
    • Technical configuration
    • Accesses management
    • Planning
    • Multiple sessions
    • Statistics

Sponsorship and exhibition

    • Sponsorship identification
    • Commercial offer and contracts
    • Invoicing and administrative follow-up
    • Technical guide
    • Exhibition plan
    • Logistics
    • Financial statement

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